Protech Tactical Armor

Located in Pittsfield, MA, USA - Protech builds products to meet the special threats that face law enforcement personnel. Offering mission flexibility without compromising protection, Protech is the number one choice for high risk tactical operations to first responder events. The extensive engineering and testing at Protech enables the development of products to give the operator the confidence to get the job done and return home safely.

Tactical armor with IIIA protection - robust BR01, MR01, and SM01 - designed into a variety of carrier models bring tactial armor to a new level. Modular ballistic protection and accessories allow All Sports Heroes to customize packages for your team and individual needs of the officer.

All Sports Heroes is pleased to offer all Protech Tactical products on MA State Contract LAW14 ballistic and related products. Our sizing capabilities for tactical vests ensure proper fit customized to the mission needs of each team member. We offer customization of ID patches and panels, and additional embellishments.