The lightweight, high-performance protection of PROTECH® Tactical helmets sets the industry standard for ergonomic comfort and superb ballistic performance. Our broad product range allows you to choose the helmet that is precisely right for your needs.

All PROTECH Tactical Helmets incorporate the following features:

• NIJ-0106.01 tested (modified to address type IIIA rounds and velocities)
• Independently tested against .22 Cal 17 gr. FSP fragmentation
• Delta™ 4 series features Warrior/ACH brimless style
• PASGT features brimmed style
• Aramid ballistic material*

  DELTA™ 4                                                  DELTA™ 4 MC                                         DELTA™ 4 HC


R2S™ SYSTEM (Ratchet Retention Suspension System)

Ratchet system provides enhanced security and a customizable fit for any head size

2-inch diameter ratchet dial at nape of helmet is easily adjusted even while wearing gloves

Fas-Trac® components allow for effortless tightening while creating resistance to prevent loosening during use

360° of comfort foam, moisture-wicking pads including a removable nape pad for added comfort and stability

Compatible with large ACH/Warrior style helmet 4-bolt patterns and can be easily installed as a replacement for existing suspension systems

• Outer shell colors available: Black, OD Green and Tan

• Custom colors available upon request